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Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch boasts a unique nickname: "Beastmode."

It sounds pretty cool, but what exactly does it mean?

"There is only one Beastmode, and it isn’t in the way you play the game, hit the ball, or score a touchdown," states Lynch's website, Beast Mode Apparel. "It’s who you are. It’s how you’re built. It’s part of your genetic makeup. It’s a lifestyle."

When one of Delap's own CPA's earned a promotion from tax senior to tax manager during the summer, he was given a picture frame, with these words inside: "Austin 'Beastmode' Pearce."

"I'm not sure where it came from," Pearce said of his new nickname. "I like it though. I have a lot of goals and things I want to accomplish in my career, so I think it reflects the passion that I try to bring to work every day to help our clients, as well as help our team of partners and employees at Delap."

A perfect nickname

For those who know Austin Pearce, the nickname is no surprise – it fits him perfectly.

Whether he's participating in the Hood to Coast Relay with a team of "Delapers" (he's done that two years in a row now), or running the Portland Marathon (yep, he's accomplished that twice also), or winning an eating contest at Delap, Pearce is simply, well, a beast.

And for Pearce, it means way more than just quarterbacking Jesuit High School in nearby Portland, Oregon, to a high school state football title as a senior (he did that), or playing baseball for one year at Notre Dame and then three at the University of Portland (yep again), or competing in a triathlon (done that once).

No, it also means working hard for his clients.

"I really enjoyed the tax department right away because I felt like I would be able to make a difference in people's lives," said Pearce, who spent one "busy season" working on audits before switching to tax. "Early in my career, I had the opportunity to see other managers and partners within the firm help their clients find ways to improve their business strategy from a tax standpoint and develop tax strategies that would help them in the future. And that was something that I wanted to learn how to do as well."

Pearce's specialties

Pearce works as part of Delap's professional services niche, and he also specializes in helping small taxpayers and business owners (fewer than $5 million of gross receipts).

"Most of the assistance is with helping small business owners plan ahead for their cash flow needs as their business grows," Pearce said. "There are many avenues of planning cash flow for small business owners, between having funds available to hire additional employees, how to plan for expanding the business to additional locations, as well as helping business owners retain key employees and develop a tax strategy for retirement savings."

His background

Pearce's blue-collar work ethic runs in the family. After all, he grew up on a 50-acre Christmas tree farm in Oregon City.

"When I didn't have school, even as early as third or fourth grade, I would go out and work in our Christmas tree fields by myself," Pearce said. "I got paid $0.10 per tree that I worked on. I think I would make about $13 a day, and that was pretty awesome when I was in elementary school. I learned a lot from that experience, and my parents always made sure I knew the value of hard work from a young age."

After graduating from the University of Portland in 2010, Pearce joined Delap that fall. He recently celebrated his fifth anniversary with the firm.

But not before he moved up from senior to manager, earning a new, well-deserved nickname along the way.

"I really enjoy watching TV shows like Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss because it is so inspiring to see people completely transform their lives in such a short period of time," Pearce said. "It makes you realize the power of your thoughts and that it's never too late to start something new and achieve your goals."

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