Certified Public Accountant or Certified Passionate Advocates?

Going through fall recruitment, the accounting world seemed very intimidating to me. The accountants I observed seemed so intelligent, so focused on the numbers. While I loved the field of accounting, I didn't know if I would fit in at a public accounting firm where numbers were the main concern 24/7. These traits of tenacity are often the only observation that people outside the accounting world presume about CPAs.

In my experience as a Delap intern, I developed a new acronym for CPA that I believe describes the personality and culture that Delap's accountants emit. The bar they set for the accounting world is enveloped in this new acronym. They display discipline, diligence, and perseverance, all qualities that fall in line with such an academic accomplishment, but I would also define Delap's public accountants as Certified Passionate Advocates.


Achieving a CPA license is one of the greatest accomplishments of an accountant's career. Passing the test and obtaining a license takes discipline, diligence, and perseverance. It takes grit, something that cannot be taught. Being certified also means continuing to learn the constantly changing standards and expectations of the industry.

In every way that I have seen, Delap's people are achievers, growers, and movers as they strive to hit individual and firm goals. Even those who have not passed their tests yet are "certified" in my mind because of the tenacity they emit as they pursue this official certification goal. They are holistically certified as a firm on all levels.


Not only are Delap's people certified in what they do, but they are also spirited about what they do and who they are doing it for — their clients and their fellow coworkers. From the very first day of my accounting internship, I met so many people who were passionate about sharing their experiences and stories because they were excited to help positively shape our internship experiences. I loved watching staff or seniors' faces light up as they explained what their careers looked like at Delap. They were honest with us interns when it came to the challenges in their own careers.

I often found that the people at Delap wanted to invest in me. First, they took a chance on me from the beginning. Being younger than a typical intern, Delap invested in my career, built my confidence and strength in accounting, and pushed me to succeed in the multiple projects I was given.


During my tax rotation, I had the opportunity to go out to lunch with a tax partner, and I walked away from that lunch feeling very inspired. She motivated me to continue creating goals for myself and my career while also embracing life's changes.

Throughout my Delap internship, I had multiple people from Delap check on my status and point me in the direction of my interests. I remember before I started my accounting internship, I was messaging Matthew Hilton, Delap's Recruiting Manager, about the NW Track Conference Championships coming up. He sent me a good luck email, and that meant the world to me to know he cared about my performance outside the professional sphere. Those experiences helped mold my decision in choosing between the tax or audit side of accounting.

About halfway through my internship, I went out to coffee with an assurance senior and assurance staff who strongly encouraged me to pursue audit as they both identified strengths in me that would fit an assurance position.

The people at Delap truly took an interest in who I am as a person and in turn were an advocate of the qualities they saw in me. I love the confidence I find in having Delap as an advocate.

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