Investment News 2023 Fastest-Growing Fee-Only RIA

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. (November 30, 2023) – Delap Wealth Advisory, a pioneering Oregon-based firm renowned for its specialized focus on maximizing the after-tax transferable value of business owners' assets, has been honored as one of the Fastest Growing Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) of 2023 by Investment News (IN). This prestigious recognition underscores Delap Wealth Advisory's remarkable three-year growth rate of 210%, a testament to its innovative approach and commitment to client success.

"We are honored to have Delap Wealth Advisory recognized by Investment News as one of the Fastest Growing Fee-Only RIAs of 2023," says partner Jared Siegel. "Our firm's success is a direct reflection of the trust our clients place in us to navigate the complexities of wealth management, and this recognition reinforces our dedication to exceeding their expectations every day."

The annual list by Investment News celebrates 75 fee-only RIAs for their exceptional growth in attracting new assets since July 2020, highlighting the fee-only business model. These firms, including Delap Wealth Advisory, have led the segment with notable growth, contributing to the fee-only sector's average annual assets under management growth rate of 9.5% since 2019, reaching $2.9 trillion, and a 10% growth in client accounts to 4.1 million.

Delap Wealth Advisory's strategy is distinctively client-focused, targeting the minimization of taxes, which partner Jared Siegel identifies as “an individual’s largest annually recurring nondiscretionary expense.” This approach not only maximizes long-term wealth but also simplifies the financial complexities inherent to wealth accumulation.

Disclosure: Delap Wealth Advisory, LLC was ranked as the fifth fastest growing fee-only RIA in the United States in the under $500M Assets Under Management )("AUM") category based upon percentage growth in AUM between 2022-2023 according to Investment News. Investment News has 3 AUM category of firms in total: under $500M, $500M to $999M and $1B+ with 75 winners in total. According to research firm Vertical IQ and data sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 82,494 financial planning and investment advisor establishments in the United States as of October 2023. AUM amounts obtained from firms' respective Form ADV filed with the SEC.   

About Delap Wealth Advisory

Delap Wealth Advisory is your wealth advisor, tax strategist, and investment manager — all under one roof. A leading fee-only wealth advisory firm based in Oregon, DWA specializes in helping business owners maximize the after-tax value of their assets. With a unique approach that combines expertise in accounting and financial planning, DWA is dedicated to simplifying financial decisions and reducing the complexity and stress of wealth management for its clients.