It is CRUNCH TIME here at Delap. As a public accounting firm, it is expected that this time of year inevitably results in longer hours, and it's safe to say that our "10-keys" get quite a bit more action than they do in the slower summer months.

But despite our increased improvements in footing to zero, our team is still committed to tracking one of our favorite extra-curricular activities.

As of this moment, I think the one thing on our minds is…

Alright, so that's four things. Who's counting? Oh… I guess you are. We are accountants after all.

I could turn this into a true opinion piece, where I would probably not downplay my absolute love of Von Miller's eye-wear, or all things Broncos for that matter, but then this wouldn't be for the people!

Being the football-loving folks we are here at Delap, our firm created an optional poll for employees to vote on who they think will win Super Bowl 50. Conveniently, the iPad voting booth sits directly to the left of the water cooler – thus encouraging hydration in these busy times and simultaneously increasing the number of voters.

As of the last time I filled my water glass around 3:30 pm on Thursday afternoon, the polls were in. 40-something percent of Delapers thought that the Panthers were going to beat the Broncos. An abysmal 30-something percent saw things from a different perspective (BRONCOS BRONCOS BRONCOS!!).

But as we know all too well here at Delap, the numbers never lie. So, the polls are in, and here are the results:Super Bowl Outcome

Yes – we are split right down the middle with 89 for the Broncos and 89 for the Panthers (or at least 89 against the Broncos). 15 votes came in as "fine" which we're calling neutral.

So, who do you think will be the 2016 Super Bowl Champs? I guess only time will tell, and the way I see it is that you can either spend your Sunday filing your personal tax return for the W-2's you undoubtedly received a few weeks ago…OR you could cheer on your Denver Broncos favorite team!

One of those options (the latter) sounds immensely more fun to me than the other. So, despite the weight of busy season and the increasing pressure of filing your taxes before April 15th…choose wisely.

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