How do you become more time affluent? How can you be as shrewd with your time as you are with your finances?

In this solo episode of Success That Lasts, Jared Siegel shares what brings the greatest return on our time and increases our chances of experiencing true happiness.

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Here are a few highlights from the episode:

  • According to research, happiness may depend less on how much of each resource is available to us and more on how much we focus on each resource. Perhaps the most important factor is how we choose to spend our time and money.
  • People who are time poor are less happy, less productive, and more stressed out. Ironically, physical wealth can exacerbate those problems.
  • Our interpersonal relationships have a powerful impact on our health, a study says. More than money or fame, close relationships are what keep people happy the most.
  • Thinking about the economic value of our leisure time can actually undermine our ability to enjoy it, especially if it's not living up to our perfect ideals.


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