Ann Smith is the president and founder of A.wordsmith, a boutique PR firm that specializes in thought leadership. On this week's episode of our podcast, Success That Lasts, Ann joins host Jared Siegel to discuss how her business operates as well as share insights she's obtained during the 10+ years since she launched her business.

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Here are a few highlights from their conversation:

  • One’s ability to create content is easier, faster, and cheaper than it possibly ever has been, which may lead to a disintermediation, says Jared. This phenomenon has created an echo chamber of content where businesses are clamoring for attention.
  • Some of the greatest opportunities are born out of adversity.
  • According to Ann, the financial crisis of 2009 was a blessing in disguise for her business; if it didn’t happen, she might not have had her current mindset which enabled her and her business to grow.
  • Business owners cannot control the economy or the coronavirus, but they can choose how they respond to it.
  • Self-care is not selfish: it is important as a leader within your family and organization to figure out how you are energized. Ann finds emotional, spiritual and physical renewal at the spin studio, where she works out her stress in order to be the best version of herself to her family, team, and clients.
  • A byproduct of success is profits and opportunity.
  • Conscientious capitalism is the intersection of need, passion, and opportunity, Jared says.
  • Good leadership during this time of crisis involves striking a balance between maintaining a sense of optimism and morale and being realistic.