Dave DeLap is a tax partner and CPA at Delap and a long-time friend of Jared Siegel. Dave is a seasoned expert in accounting and wealth advisory with over 35 years of experience. On this week's episode of Delap's podcast, Success That Lasts, Dave and Jared chat about their experiences throughout the years, as well as the knowledge they obtained and how they have helped one another throughout their journey.

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Here are a few highlights from their conversation:

  • Jared quotes his former coach, “A goal would be the measurable, specific activities that precedes the outcome or result.”
  • Trust is the key to leadership, Dave says.
  • You’re not a leader until you have a follower, and while being a leader means stepping out, it also sometimes means following.
  • The difference between music and noise is coordination.
  • A book is a life hack and a leveraged experience.
  • What differentiates one professional services firm from another is their people, their culture, and their execution.
  • Jared repositions failure as education.
  • People don’t change until the pain of their current circumstances exceeds the pain of the change.
  • Not all decisions are financial decisions, Dave teaches.
  • Our understanding of wealth changes over the years.