In this episode of Success That Lasts, Jared Siegel answers questions that come up again and again among our clients. Find out whether or not you should focus your portfolio on dividend-paying stocks and how to really think about the implications of tax policy changes on your investment portfolio.

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Here are a few highlights:

Q1: Is focusing your investments solely on dividend-paying stocks a reliable investment strategy? [01:15]

  • Common misconceptions lead many investors to prioritize dividend payments at the expense of diversification, flexibility, and total investment return.
  • Dividend payments aren’t guaranteed - in 2009, 50% of dividend-paying companies either eliminated or reduced their dividend payments - for investors looking to earn an income from their stocks, they should focus on their total return, not just dividends.

Q2: What impact would a proposed tax hike have on the stock market?  [06:05]

  • As part of the Biden Tax Proposal, various spending programs were included, of which some will be paid from an increase in taxes.
  • While tax changes, specifically hikes, are always a source of angst, investors should be careful to extrapolate the impacts of tax policy on their portfolio.

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