In this episode of Success That Lasts, Jared Siegel discusses whether people should consider investing in the stock market at this point in time.

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Here are a few highlights:

  • “We are told that what goes up must come down, but stock prices are not dictated by those rules of gravity,” Jared says. “Seeing high should not necessarily lead to excitement or dread about the future returns. Rather, as prices change, that tells us that markets are incorporating new information. History tells us there's no proven way to time the market."
  • “It's unclear what the next 5 or 10 years will bring,” he continues. “Having a great plan and sticking to it is going to be crucial by trying to time the market. Not only do you have to worry about when exactly to get out; you must also be concerned about getting back in at precisely the right moment. Being correct once is difficult but being correct both times is even more challenging.”


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All Time High Anxiety

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