Do you ever have an insightful, breakthrough idea when you least expect it? Find out how to cultivate that state of mind more frequently in this week's Success That Lasts episode. David Miller is the Chief Technology Officer of Dynamic Light, a company that develops next generation technology for blood flow monitoring. On this week's podcast, he chats with Jared Siegel about their neurotechnology, entrepreneurship, and the neuroscience of mindfulness.

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Here are a few highlights from their stimulating conversation:

  • Dynamic Light was created based on David’s work on laser speckle contrast imaging.
  • David says the hardest transition during this experience has been moving from the sense of “I know the technology” to the sense of “I don't really know how people are going to view it.”
  • Innovators like Steve Jobs have the ability to take the perspective of not only the short term market but also the long term vision.
  • Hardware and software are being created to profit off of our shortening attention spans, Jared says. If the product we use is “free,” then we are the product.
  • The essence of mindfulness is how long you can stay attentive to the task at hand, David says.
  • Heart Math is technology created by Dynamic Light for heart rate variability training.
  • The human brain is on average only 2 to 3% of your body mass, but at any point in time it consumes about 20% of your blood.
  • To David, meditation means getting in touch with his internal subjective experience.
  • When you jump into cold water, you get an extreme flight or fight response from your body, even though there’s no visible threat in front of you.
  • Joy is the meeting place of selflessness and intentionality, Jared quotes.
  • David would like to be remembered as someone who encouraged people to cultivate their inner sense towards compassion and kindness.