In this episode of Success That Lasts, Jared Siegel answers questions about investing in non-U.S. investments, stock market returns, and stock market performance after rising interest rates.

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Here are a few highlights:

  • Many investors want to know why they should invest in non-U.S. investments. “Don't put all of your eggs into one basket,” Jared warns. “If you wouldn't make a concentrated investment in one single stock, why would you limit your investment opportunities to just one country? ... If you limit the geographic exposure of your [stock] portfolio, you're limiting your opportunity set, which may increase your risk and decrease the benefits of diversification.”
  • The U.S. stock market has returned 10% a year on average, but the road to the 10% can be incredibly bumpy. Returns in any particular year have ranged from as high as 54% to as low as -43%.
  • “Many believe a rise in interest rates is a reflection of positive economic expectations from investors, while others believe it's more driven by inflation concerns or expectations,” Jared shares. “In reality, it's more likely a combination of all the available information.”


The Randomness of Global Stock Returns