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Hosted by Jared Siegel (Delap partner and leader of the Delap Wealth Advisory practice), each episode goes behind the scenes with business owners, real estate investors, and industry consultants to deconstruct the complicated topic of success.

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On Being A Purposeful, Thoughtful Leader with Bart Dickson

In the first episode of Success That Lasts, Jared Siegel interviews Bart Dickson, President of Cobalt Development. Bart also chairs the Industrial Athlete campaign, which raises money and awareness to address the health and social challenges skilled workers face. 

Here are a few highlights from this week’s show:

  • Leadership is not about a title, Bart says. It’s about helping others reach their potential.
  • Like a kaleidoscope, success is not one dimensional, Jared says. Its many textures include:
    • Happiness - what really makes you happy;
    • A sense of achievement; 
    • Purpose - you're contributing to the world; 
    • Significance - you’re positively affecting those that you care about;
    • Legacy - you’re helping others find success.
  • Bart says that success has to be defined in reverse as well. He decided from the start that there were some trade-offs he wasn’t willing to make. “When you put first things first, oftentimes you're able to find room for each part of the kaleidoscope,” he says.
  • When you feel love for people, you’re able to receive positive energy and love. One of the greatest things we can do is trust ourselves and trust others. Trusting people is a gift that allows you to have genuine interactions. 
  • Bart describes how he filters opportunities to decide what he will dedicate his time to.
  • Bart teaches his children to be good stewards of wealth.
  • To achieve something great, you have to be willing to attempt something bold. That means making mistakes at times, but it also means having remarkable results.


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