Jerry Carleton, Joe Sullivan, and Jared Siegel

From left: Jerry Carleton is the founder of Immix Law, Joe Sullivan is a partner at Delap, and Jared Siegel is a partner at Delap and host of Success That Lasts.


Starting your own business: It takes a special kind of crazy to be an entrepreneur and have the audacity to create something where nothing exists. Jerry Carleton is the principal and founder of Immix Law. Joe Sullivan is a partner at Delap. They join podcast host Jared Siegel to discuss entrepreneurship.

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Here are a few highlights from Jared's conversation with Jerry Carleton and Joe Sullivan:

  • Jerry and Joe talk about the origins of their careers and how they achieved success.
  • “It takes a special kind of crazy to have the audacity to create something where nothing exists,” Jerry says, “and to look at the opportunity to succeed rather than all the reasons for failure.” “It takes an optimistic kind of crazy to look at the odds for success and still walk into them,” Jared adds.
  • Jerry and Joe share insights about cash, their experiences with clients, and learning. They talk about how COVID-19 has impacted doing business and what the pandemic has taught them.
  • The difference between a specialist and a generalist is having industry knowledge, according to Joe. Specialists have a higher probability of helping clients arrive at the best solutions and can go in depth with clients about tricky transactions and specific types of issues.
  • A common mistake young entrepreneurs make is that, when selling their first start-up, they underestimate how much of their identity is wrapped up in the business. Consequently, they feel seller’s remorse and second-guess whether they made the right decision. Joe shares an experience related to this.


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