Kyle Renalds is an Advisory & Assurance Senior Manager at Delap with over 16 years of experience in taxation, consulting, and assurance. He joins Jared Siegel to discuss change and the relationship between success and adaptability.

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Here are a few highlights from Jared's conversation with Kyle Renalds:

  • In the real world, we encounter setbacks and temporary failures that can be repositioned as learning opportunities.
  • A study from Harvard found that 70% of change initiatives in companies fail. Change is pain; it triggers specific areas of our brains and provokes physiological discomfort. Our biology is change-averse.
  • Understanding that change is pain for your organization is important. Effective change management, according to Kyle, comes from engaging the teams and decision-makers in an organization. You need to know what drives them.
  • People don’t change until the pain of their current circumstances exceeds the pain of the change.
  • Great questions more often than not precede great answers. Kyle talks about instances where he, as an advisor, did not have all the answers or solutions to a client’s problem and had to ask questions until they arrived at the best solution.
  • To map out a path forward, we must know where we are now. Jared shares a story that illustrates this point.

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