Ever wondered how money management professionals and investment advisors invest their own money?

In this solo episode of Success That Lasts, podcast host and Delap partner Jared Siegel shares how he invests, saves, spends, gives, and borrows money.

Tune in here, at delapcpa.com/podcast, or wherever you listen to podcasts:

Here are a few highlights:

  • A study done in 2008 revealed that professional money managers and stock pickers usually have none of their own money invested in their own funds. Very few actually invest in their own funds because they know the odds, Jared says.
  • Vanguard and the Wall Street Journal have done research spanning a collective 15 years which shows that active stock pickers typically underperform their benchmark. According to Jared, the long-term track record of active managers is abysmal.
  • “Money won’t buy us happiness, but it sure would help us avoid misery,” Jared advises. “Our values and beliefs about money form our foundation, that’s our ‘why,’ which creates the destination, [and] once we define the destination, how we get there becomes more clear.”
  • The second step to wise money management is designing an investment thesis that is informed by financial science and decades of academic research.


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