In this episode of Success That Lasts, Jared Siegel explores status games. He shares insights on how they can detract us from our goals and tips for choosing your status game wisely.

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Here are a few highlights from this week's episode:

  • By definition, news is something that doesn’t last, Jared claims. It exists for a moment and then it changes. “As news has become easier to distribute and cheaper to produce, the quality and quantity have respectively decreased and increased, making it nearly impossible to delineate the signal from the noise,” he says.
  • “The word status implies a social stratification on a vertical scale,” Jared explains. Hierarchies have existed in society for thousands of years, and new research suggests that humans are actually biologically wired to seek status.
  • Gaining clarity about your own purpose informs you of the status games that actually matter. Picking the wrong one lures you into a trap of allocating your time to whatever screams the loudest and your talent to whatever gives you the fastest reward.
  • In The Happiness Hypothesis, researcher Jonathan Haidt concluded that intimate, loving, and enduring relationships with our family and close friends will be among the sources of our deepest joy in life.


Choose Your Status Game Wisely – Of Dollars and Data

How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton Christensen

The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt