Ryan Boatsman is a partner and the COO at Delap. He has more than a decade of experience in public accounting. He joins Jared Siegel to discuss vision, vulnerability, change management, strategy, and organizational health.

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Here are a few highlights from their conversation:

  • “The benefit of failure is an objectivity that success simply can’t offer,” Jared tells Ryan. He asks Ryan about the role that failure has played in his life and how he has learned from it.
  • Ryan sees strategy as a roadmap to the future. “It’s looking into the future and seeing what we want to accomplish, using tools to figure out where we are now, and filling in the blanks, which is how we get to where we want to be,” he explains.
  • At some point in the future, technology will replace employees in organizations, which is why it is important to identify what we as humans can do better.
  • “You have to start with the foundation of trust and build the team on that,” Ryan says. “If you have a truly cohesive team that is completely bought in, you will execute [strategies] ten times [as effectively as you would have otherwise].”
  • “COVID has slowed things down for me,” Jared shares. “Some of the things that have been noisy in my life have been eliminated, which has created some space for unstructured time.” Additionally, the current pandemic has allowed him to focus on building his team and learning vulnerability.
  • Ryan talks about using the “four helpful lists” as a tool for change management. It’s easy to victimize yourself when faced with any challenge or adversity, Jared says. “There’s something uniquely empowering about deconstructing that process [of the four helpful lists] when I am feeling overwhelmed or frustrated,” he shares.
  • Being able to work with different individuals, seeing their strengths and unique value, and collectively coming together to achieve a common goal are the things that have sparked the most joy along Ryan’s professional journey.


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