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Investing in Your Success

Our mission is simple: to I.N.V.E.S.T. in the success of others. This includes our people, clients, our families, community and our profession. But what does this mean for you? We’re not only great at what we do, but we’re also interested in you – the client. Accuracy and professional mastery are merely tools we use to achieve your financial clarity and success.



Maintain the highest levels of professional integrity, honesty, ethics, and commitment to serve our clients and our people.


Continually seek opportunity for improvement. Encourage different ideas and opinions, and embrace change. Speak openly and listen intently.


Celebrate our successes while constantly refining our goals to grow and improve. Seek to maximize our potential and chart a course for the future. Maintain firm unity at all times.


Commit to the highest levels of quality, efficiency, and service. Bring energy and excitement to the job, no matter what the risk. Incite enthusiasm and positive attitude.


Maintain priorities of family, health, and personal goals, while balancing career objectives.


Work together with the team as the priority. Seek out others with talents that work towards the best result. Take time to mentor and coach others.

COVID-19: Delap's workforce is currently working remotely and our offices are closed until further notice. For more information about our remote work arrangements and continued serviceClick Here.