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Andrea Beatty
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Andrea L. Beatty

Principal | CTGA | QPA | CISM | CISA

Andrea has been in the financial services industry for 21 years and is a subject matter expert in securing PINs and cryptographic keys used in the financial services industry. As a principal at Delap, Andrea manages the PIN practice that provides domestic and international clients with services related to identifying risk and demonstrating compliance with payment network requirements.

Andrea is heavily involved in the development of the standards that govern the protection of PINs used in retail payments, through Accredited Standards Committee X9, Inc. She serves as an active member of the Board of Directors and the vice chairperson of the ASC X9F6 Working Group. She is also a U.S. Expert to ISO TC68 SC2 WG13, which is the working group involved in the development of international versions of security standards.

Involvement in the standards development committees and a nearly 20-year history with the largest Third-Party Payment Processor in the industry gives Andrea a unique skillset to manage the PIN practice at Delap.

Andrea is driven by the desire to help protect people’s money. In her most recent position before coming to Delap, Andrea developed and implemented the most extensive processor‑driven compliance reporting program in the retail banking industry. She worked with banks, processors, manufacturers, key injection facilities, and other entities directly or indirectly involved in retail payments in the U.S. and internationally. Here at Delap, Andrea continues with that same desire in mind, as she provides education, risk consulting, and compliance reporting services to clients processing PINs and managing cryptographic keys.

Andrea is based in western Maryland, traveling to support her commitment to clients, education, and standards work. When at home, she enjoys spending time with her five children and nine grandchildren.  She can often be found in her garden.


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Practice Emphasis

  • PIN security standards, development, and education
  • PCI PIN and ANSI TR-39 compliance

Community Involvement

  • Accredited Standards Committee X9, Inc.
  • U.S. Expert on the ISO TC68 Work Group 13