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Hired: 2003


  • Linfield College, B.A., Accounting

Practice Emphasis:

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Home builder, real estate, construction, distribution, and manufacturing industries
  • ESOPs and complex entity structures
  • Entrepreneur Advisory Services

Connect with Ryan


Ryan Boatsman brings over a decade of public accounting experience to every client relationship. Born and raised in the northwest, Ryan attended college at Linfield and immediately began his career with Delap upon graduating. Following the path of his father, Ryan knew he wanted to pursue a career in public accounting early in life. As a second generation accountant, Ryan recognizes the value of a proactive accounting advisor to closely held businesses. Ryan has a passion to serve business owners and working collaboratively to build stronger, healthier and more profitable businesses.

Ryan spent the first several years of his professional training rotating within the tax and audit teams to help build a well-rounded public accounting foundation. Currently, Ryan’s primary focus is serving clients with financial statement assurance needs including audits, reviews, and compilations. Over the years Ryan has established a reputation of excellence within the home builder, real estate, construction, distribution, and manufacturing industries. He also has unique experiences with ESOPs and complex entity structures; in particular consolidations of multiple entities under common control. Ryan’s ability to see the complete financial landscape of the businesses he serves allows him to deliver innovative insights beyond the scope of assurance requirements.

Outside of work Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and three young sons. Now that Ryan’s college football and track careers are behind him, he volunteers as a football coach in Sherwood as a way to give back to his community and stay close to the game. Ryan’s favorite way to absorb the natural beauty of the northwest is from the seat of a snowmobile.

Career Highlights:

  • Working with family owned businesses and learning about the unique heritages each client has.
  • Assisting our clients through complex and challenging issues that business owners face in today’s economy.
  • Working with a team that emphasizes a proactive rather than reactive approach to client service.
  • Playing a significant role in guiding our firm into a digital and more efficient work environment.


Why Delap?

“The main reason I chose Delap was the alignment of my personal values with Delap’s firm values. Delap has provided me with opportunities that I may not have been given at any other firm. Delap has provided the flexibility for me to be a volunteer coach in Sherwood. This has allowed me to balance my career goals with my passion of giving back to our community in my own unique way.”

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