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State and Local Tax Consultation

Today there are thousands of local jurisdictions within the united states that impose taxes on individuals and businesses. This is in addition to the 50 states and District of Columbia, each of which impose at least one — but in some cases more than 5 — separate types of tax.

The maze of these taxes and the impact that they can have on a business and a family’s wealth can seem overwhelming. We are here to help guide you through that maze and help you plan for and comply with your state and local tax responsibilities, as well as taking advantage of opportunities to save real tax dollars.

It is our mission to keep abreast of the ever-changing tax laws, jurisdictional boundaries, pending and enacted legislation, and court decisions so that we can effectively advise our clients regarding how these developments might impact their business. States are hungry for revenue, which they raise through legislating new taxes, and added enforcement of the existing tax laws. Your Delap advisors are available and ready to assist you in interpreting and implementing these complicated rules. Our SALT team will proactively review your business activity regularly to address nexus, tax exposure, sales sourcing, non-business income, and similar issues. We will proactively bring you ideas for taking advantage of any credits and incentives you may be able to take advantage of where you do business.

Our in-depth understanding of the rules and your business model and operations allows us to identify opportunities for our clients either within the current model or by appropriately structuring new business transactions.

With our salt expertise, we are able to provide the following types of specialized services:

Income & franchise tax/sales & transaction tax

  • Tax compliance services
  • Nexus analysis and tax exposure quantification
  • Review of filing positions
  • Preparation and processing of refund claims
  •  Voluntary compliance negotiation and resolution
  • Negotiation and resolution of audits
  • Assistance with development and implementation of tax planning strategies
  • Due diligence assistance for capital raises and transactions
  • Tax controversy and dispute resolution

Tax controversy and dispute resolution

  • Proactive analysis of your business model and practices to quantify exposures before an audit occurs and to support financial statement positions
  • Aide in the development and/or documentation of policies and procedures that stand up under audit
  • Efficiently manage the audit process on your behalf by limiting the interruption to your business while focusing on limiting your exposure and expanding the opportunity for favorable adjustments

Credits & Incentives

There are a myriad of business tax incentives available that are intended to stimulate economic development and investment. We can help you uncover these opportunities and negotiate the sometimes complex compliance required in order to secure the credits and incentives.

Incentives come in a variety of forms including income or franchise tax credits, sales and use tax exemptions and refunds, property tax abatements, reimbursements for training expenses, and favorable financing arrangements. In addition to organic incentives and credits, in many cases, we are able to assist you in securing transferrable credits that help reduce your actual tax cost.


Sales Tax Nexus Calculator

October 2018 | We’re here to help business owners post-Wayfair Ruling who are now asking the question “Do I have sales tax nexus?” Delap has launched a new sales tax nexus tool to make it easier for sellers to determine if they have to collect and remit sales tax in a specific state. Click here to check out our new Sales Tax Nexus Tool:

Access Sales Tax Nexus Tool

Wayfair Ruling

August 2018 | Delap’s State and Local Tax (SALT) partner Harriet Strothers delivered a presentation discussing how the Supreme Court’s ruling in the recent Wayfair case impacts all sellers. We are providing this presentation to you to inform you of how the Wayfair Ruling affects businesses both in and out of Oregon, and how to cope with these new requirements.

Watch Presentation



Meet your State & Local Tax Advisors: