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Business Diagnostics

Empower your business journey with our free diagnostic tools tailored for business owners and powered by Mindshop

Elevate your business and pave the way for strategic growth with our business diagnostics. Gain clarity on your business’s performance and unlock strategies to leapfrog your competition and drive sustainable growth. Our business advisors welcome the opportunity to discuss your results with you.

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Growth and Profit Solutions (GPS) Business Diagnostic

In just 5 minutes, pinpoint your top 3 growth and profit issues for the year ahead with this free tool.

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Leadership Diagnostic

Conduct an analysis of your leadership strengths and weaknesses with this free assessment.

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Business Performance Diagnostic

Reflect on the operational health and strategic direction of your company to gain valuable insights into your business performance with this free tool.

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Succession Planning Diagnostic

Evaluate your company’s leadership succession strategy with our diagnostic tool.

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Team Attraction and Retention Diagnostic

Discover the strengths and weaknesses in your company’s employee attraction and retention efforts with this complimentary diagnostic tool.

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Time and Priority Management Diagnostic

Explore how effectively you’re managing your time and priorities with this complementary assessment.

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Business Culture Diagnostic

Is your company culture driving success or holding you back? Uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your organizational culture with our diagnostic tool.

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Innovation Diagnostic

Unlock the potential of your business innovation. Our diagnostic tool provides critical insights into your innovation practices and areas for improvement.

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Listening Diagnostic

Are you truly hearing what your team is saying? Unlock the power of active listening in leadership with this free assessment.

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Life Balance Diagnostic

How well are you managing the scales between your personal and professional life? This free assessment sheds light on your current state and areas for improvement.

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Personal Resilience Diagnostic

Conduct an analysis of your personal resilience and adaptability with this free diagnostic.

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Jill Tichenor

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Casey Devine

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David G. DeLap

Partner | CPA | CEPA®

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Jared C. Siegel

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