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Past Events

199A Tax Breaks & Professional Services

December 20, 2018

It’s been called the tax break of the century. Can your business take advantage?

One of the best opportunities in the new tax law for business owners could amount to a deduction equal to 20% of qualified business income. You can thank the new IRC Section 199A if you’re a sole proprietorship, single-member LLC, partnership, or S corporation. This deduction could save a lot of tax, leave equity in the business and cash in the pockets of owners.

Delap would like to share how businesses in the professional services space might be able to benefit and what types of business income will be deductible.

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Partnership Audit Update Webinar

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Topics discussed in the webinar

  • A summary of the major changes to the partnership audit procedures
  • Various elections covered by these new audit procedures
  • Challenges these procedures present to partnerships
  • The roles and responsibilities of the partnership representative
  • Suggested items to address or modify in partnership operating agreements

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Opportunity Zone Update Webinar

November 6, 2018, Delap partner Melissa Wall presented on the new Opportunity Zones. This presentation should get you up-to-speed regarding the proposed regulations issued by the IRS and the Treasury Department on October 19. Here’s what was covered:

  • An overview of the general structure of Opportunity Zones
  • A summary of the highly anticipated proposed regulations from the IRS and US Treasury Department

If you’ve been waiting to learn more about how to use Opportunity Zones to temporarily defer or permanently exclude (at least until 2047) capital gains tax, click here to view the 30-minute webinar:

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Wayfair vs. Supreme Court

On August 14, 2018, Delap’s State and Local Tax (SALT) partner Harriet Strothers delivered a presentation discussing how the Supreme Court’s ruling in the recent Wayfair case impacts all sellers. We are providing this presentation to you to inform you of how the Wayfair Ruling affects businesses both in and out of Oregon, and how to cope with these new requirements.

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You can also check out our latest blog post Supreme Court Ruling on Sales Tax for more information.

Tax Reform

Earlier this year, Delap Tax Partners Matt Mattecheck, Dave DeLap, and Melissa Wall gave a presentation discussing the latest tax reform. This presentation gives a clear outline of the past tax laws vs. the new tax laws for individuals, families, C Corporations, Partnerships, and more. We are releasing these slides to you, as a resource, to help you better understand this massive tax overhaul.

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