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Delap advisors can help you achieve your business goals. Learn How


Business Advisory

Let’s achieve your business goals.

Where do you want your business to go? Whether you’re looking to improve cashflow, increase profitability, streamline your operations, or improve internal controls, our business advisors can create a plan to take you there.

Our main objective is to make your business run more efficiently. In addition to their technical expertise, our business consultants combine practical real-world experiences and industry specialization to deliver tangible results to our clients.

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Our business advisors empower your strategic decisions.

You have goals for the future. Let’s build a roadmap to take you there. Our tools and methodologies can evaluate your business to identify strengths and weaknesses, and our business advisors can help you take the financial and planning steps required to move your business forward.

We can help business owners:

  • Optimize your employees and financial resources
  • Minimize tax, risk, and personal liability when choosing an entity
  • Identify any financial roadblocks to a merger or acquisition
  • Implement corporate strategies to pivot and thrive

Organizational Business Consulting Services

We help you see further down the financial road so you can improve your company's financial performance.

By drilling down into your financial records, our business advisory CPAs can identify and track important metrics and quickly help you fine tune the financial health of your whole company. Moreover, our industry specialization allows us to identify operational improvements, cost savings, and best practices.

We ask the right questions:

Is your business struggling to create or stick to your budget?

Do you know the opportunities and threats surrounding your cash pipeline?

Is liquidity a concern for your business?

Do you know how many sales your company must make in order pay for all operating expenses?

Financial Advisory & Forecasting Services

  • Profitability Analysis
  • Projections, Forecasting & Budgets
  • Cash-Flow Modeling
  • Property Transaction Analysis
  • Financial Due Diligence

Growth and Profit Solutions (GPS) Business Diagnostic

In just 5 minutes, pinpoint your top 3 growth and profit issues for the year ahead.

I Want Growth and Profit

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Do you lack in-house financial expertise? Consider a Fractional CFO.

One of our skilled business advisors can elevate your business.

Learn How

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You can depend on our objective point of view.

Working under the same conditions for a long time can lead to overlooked problems. Our fresh eyes can quickly spot the challenges that may be holding your company back.

We can help business owners:

  • Identify gaps in your internal controls
  • Develop new internal controls to mitigate risks and follow best practices in your industry
  • Improve operational inefficiencies

Internal Controls Services

  • Internal Controls Review
  • Outsourced Internal Audit
  • Enterprise Risk Assessment

We craft business advisory solutions as unique as your problems.

The business advisory and consulting solutions we find are the result of asking the right questions and a comprehensive understanding of your problems informed by our industry expertise.

We can help business owners:

  • Examine the pros and cons of ESOP plans
  • Explore various financing options for equipment, additional departments, or acquisitions
  • Detect, mitigate, find ways to help prevent fraud
  • Investigate suspicious financial activity
  • Provide forensic results and support during depositions

Additional Business Advisory Services

  • Executive Incentive Plans
  • Financing Search & Negotiations
  • Fraud Assessment & Forensic Accounting
  • Litigation Support


Meet Our Business Advisory Leaders

Jill Tichenor

Jill Tichenor

Senior Manager | CPA

Casey Devine

Casey Devine

Senior Manager | CPA | CEPA®

Dave Delap

David G. DeLap

Partner | CPA | CEPA®

Jared Siegel

Jared C. Siegel

Partner, CDO | MBA |

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