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Turnkey Cybersecurity

Managed cybersecurity for peace of mind.

You’ve spent your life building your business — we’ll help protect it with proactive cybersecurity solutions.

Many business owners assume that only large, enterprise companies are at risk of cyber attacks. The truth is, small and mid-sized companies are the targets of a majority of attacks because they often lack the resources to resist them.

Cyber threats come in many forms: phishing, ransomware, malware, viruses, data breaches, and more. All lead to possible reputation damage, loss of critical business data, and the loss of time, productivity, and profits.

Our layered approach, backed by industry-leading controls, has been time-tested to manage cybersecurity risk within your organization.

We work alongside your IT team.

Owned, managed, and monitored by Delap, you’ll get the hardware and software to protect your IT environment, so that you can focus on running your business.

Delap’s core managed security services include:

  • Initial IT environment evaluation
  • Management, updates, and monitoring for Delap-approved or provided firewalls [configured as redundant pair(s)]
  • Management, updates, and monitoring for perimeter security features
    • AntiVirus
    • Web Filter
    • DNS Filter
    • Intrusion Prevention and Detection
    • SSL Traffic Inspection
  • Management, updates, and monitoring for endpoint and web security solutions
    • Security protection and control enforcement for computers regardless of network location (e.g., home or office)
  • Web-based, on-demand security awareness training
  • Monthly Security Status Meeting
  • Quarterly Security Planning Meeting

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