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Retail Payment Security Training History

Our team continues to deliver world-class cybersecurity and compliance services, both nationally and internationally.

In 1991, Delap entered the world of retail payment security as the result of a large grocery client being required to perform a compliance review for a new payment type — PIN debit. At the urging of STAR Systems, in 1992 Delap joined the standards development working group that was just completing the first encryption key management standard for securing PINs — X9.24, 1992. In long-standing involvement with what is now the F6 working group of the Accredited Standards Committee X9, Inc. (X9), Delap continues to contribute to consensus-based standards development for the retail payment industry.

As an active participant in the X9F6 working group, Delap continued in leadership roles as working group chair (1995 – 1998), vice chair (1998 – to present), and technical editors of standards and technical reports. Through demonstration of subject matter expertise, in 2005 Delap was elected to represent the USA as a delegate to an international mirror working group: ISO SC 2-TC68, WG-13.

At the request of the ATM payment network, Honor (Maitland, Florida), Delap entered into training other auditors in the core concepts of the X9 standards behind PIN security and cryptographic key management. The first class was held in 1997 in Orlando, Florida. Delap has been providing both public and private classes, domestically and globally, since that first class.

Former instructor Darlene Kargel, now retired, once noted that over the past 25 years some of those students from the first class have continued to participate in our classes for the latest in standards, risk, and security considerations, as well as compliance review techniques.