Are you looking to build your in house SALT knowledge?  Join Harriet Strothers, Partner at Delap, as she presents in conjunction with the OSCPA, Beginner and Intermediate State and Local Tax on Friday, February 2nd, 2018.

The need for a solid understanding of the nuances and complexities of Oregon and State & Local Taxation is imperative for both experienced and newer tax professionals. To help you stay current, the OSCPA is now offering this 4-hour program in two different levels of training: basic and intermediate. These and may be taken individually or together and you may choose either the in-person or web training format.

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Location for in-person training:

OSCPA Center - Upper Level
10206 SW Laurel St
BeavertonOR 97005-3209

Basic Level Topics Will Include:

  • Nexus defined
    • Physical presence
    • Economic
  • Apportionment
    • Nexus requirement for apportionment
    • Different methods for different businesses
  • The difference between apportioned and allocated income
  • How business/nonbusiness income is determined
  • How each of the factors are calculated
    • Property Factor
      • What is included?
      • What basis is used?
      • When is monthly averaging necessary?
      • What is mobile property?
      • Is WIP/CIP included?
    • Payroll Factor
      • What is included?
      • Are leased employee wages included?
      • What about officer’s payroll?
      • Is there a throwback rule for payroll?
    • Sales Factor
      • What is included?
      • How is it sourced?
      • What about non-inventory items?
      • What are occasional sales and how are they treated?
      • What are the throwback and throw-out rules?

Intermediate Level Topics Will Include:

  • Recap of “State & Local Tax (SALT) 101 – The Basics” at a high level (10-15 minutes)
  • Economic Nexus Issues
  • Public Law 86-272
  • Cloud Computing
  • Pass Through Ownership & Nexus
    • Apportionment
      • Throwback Throw-out Throw-up
      • Section 18 Alternative Apportionment
    • Pass Through Apportionment
    • Sale of Pass Through
  • Reporting an RAR to the States
  • IRS / State communications
  • Nexus Study / Voluntary Disclosure
  • Unclaimed Property
  • State Updates
  • California
  • Oregon
  • City of Portland & Multnomah County
  • Washington