It's that time of year again when the leaves are turning color, the air is getting crisp, and property taxes are due. As a result, we all face the key decision of whether to pay our property taxes in full and take the 3% discount, or pay 1/3 now and the remainder later.

Many are asking the question, "How do I navigate the financing implications of this decision?"

Let me help you by providing some insight.

If you have a low rate line of credit or the cash, then you should pay in full now. Now you might say, "I only forgo a 3% discount", but therein lies the confusion.

When we calculate out the two options the choice is simple. This is because you must pay 1/3 of the taxes now. Therefore the only deferral that you receive by foregoing the discount is the deferral of another 1/3 of the tax until February, and an additional 1/3 until May.

If you could put the whole tax off for a year and forego the discount, then the annualize return on this choice would be 3%. But since you need to pay a portion now and the rest relatively soon thereafter, the annualized return to the county is roughly 14%. It is simply a financing decision.

As such, my recommendation is to pay your property taxes in full by November 15th, as opposed to deferring 2/3 of the tax until early next year.

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