The Wayfair Ruling has changed the sales tax landscape! Business owners now are asking the question "Do I have sales tax nexus?" Many states have reacted to the Supreme Court ruling by enacting laws to require out of state sellers to collect and remit sales tax. The challenge we face is each state has responded differently.

Fortunately, Delap has launched a new sales tax nexus tool. We want to make it easier for sellers to determine if they have a requirement to collect and remit sales tax in a specific state.

Here's what it takes to figure out if you have sales tax nexus:

  1. Enter your total sales and number of transactions by state.
  2. Evaluate the general determination as to whether you have a nexus requirement to collect and remit sales tax each of the states.
  3. Print your results.
  4. Call us with questions or for help interpreting your results.

It's just that easy.

Let us help you determine if you have sales tax nexus. Click the link below to access our tool.

Access Sales Tax Nexus Tool

Sales Tax Nexus


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