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25 Nov


Meet the Rookies!

November 25, 2014 | By | No Comments

The “rookies” have arrived.

Each year, college coaches and recruiters embark on the age-old journey to find the nation’s top talent to stack their rosters and teams. As a result, come fall, thousands of athletes enter the college football scene. Otherwise known as “the rookies,” these freshmen find themselves the target of pranks, mild hazing, and initiation. In the world of public accounting, it is no different.

Meet Delap’s ‘Rookies’

Our team here at Delap is excited to welcome four college recruits and three experienced hires to our firm for the “Class of 2014.” In an effort to “break in” the newest recruits, our team wanted to introduce these fine young professionals, in a bit of an unorthodox way. As a result, we posed some rather unusual questions to them, to get the ball rolling …

So here we go. Folks, meet the “Delap Rookies”:

Jessie UlrichJessie Ulrich A tax senior, former Oregon State Beaver, and native Portlander, Jessie definitely favors the color purple. So far, her favorite thing about working at Delap is two-fold – the people and having three monitors to nerd out on. When posed with the question of whether she’d rather lose in a dance-off to Greg Oden or Zach Galifianakis, she chose Zach. Why? Jessie claims that the anchor from “The Hangover” movies probably “wouldn’t take it as seriously.” We’ll see about that, Jessie!



Gabe WallaceGabe Wallace Originally from Portland, Gabe is a University of Oregon alum, and as a result, he is a huge Ducks fan. Gabe’s favorite thing about working at Delap so far is the people. When given the choice between the songs “I Wanna Know” by Joe and “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal to sing in front of the whole firm, Gabe chose “Kiss From a Rose” – with enthusiasm. So far his favorite person at Delap is, as Gabe puts it, “Vlad the Dad” – a.k.a. Vlad Tkach, an assurance senior. Great choice, Gabe.



Louie ColasurdoLouis Colasurdo A native Portlander and a former linebacker at Linfield, Louis has enjoyed the new-hire challenges and the welcoming partners and staff in his first few weeks at Delap. Given the choice to fight a bear or a shark, Louis chose – hands down – a bear, commenting, “I don’t stand a chance in the water.” Known to some as “Louis Colorado,” his favorite Delaper so far is his officemate Cam Ferguson, more commonly known around the office as “Big Tuna.”

Jamie HanelJamie Hanel Yet another Portlander has joined our team at Delap. Jamie is a graduate of Concordia University, and her favorite color is pink. Jamie’s favorite thing about working at Delap so far is the willingness of everyone to answer her questions. (She’s got a lot, apparently.) When asked whether she’d rather lose in a dance-off to Greg Oden or Zach Galifianakis, she chose the latter. Why? Jamie says because, “He is hilarious.” Additionally, she indicated that if she were ever in a scenario where she was forced to sing karaoke in front of the firm, and she had to choose between “I Wanna Know” and “Kiss From a Rose,” she would sing the latter. Interesting choice, Jamie.



Lana PflaumLana Pflaum Otherwise known as Lana “Banana”, this experienced tax hire is also from Portland originally. With a very specific favorite color of “mandarin orange”, it’s clear that Lana is a graduate of OSU and hence a pretty big Beavers fan. When she was posed the question of whether she would rather get into a fight with a bear or a shark, she said, “Bear, definitely. At the very least I can curl up in a ball and maybe survive. I can’t play dead if a shark is attacking me, and the ocean is scary.” Great explanation, Lana Banana! Additionally, she claims, “I don’t lose dance-offs.” Interesting.



Sonia ThannickalSonia Thannickal A Bruin at heart – no, not UCLA, but rather George Fox – Sonia’s favorite color is blue, and she too, is from the Portland area. So far, Sonia’s favorite thing about working at Delap is the people, and her favorite person so far? Cristine Roe – her officemate. She quickly adds: “But it’s hard to choose just one person.” We get it, Sonia! There are a lot of great people to like at Delap. When asked whether she’d rather lose in a dance-off to Greg Oden or Zach G., she chose Greg Oden. But I don’t know about that, Sonia – Greg might have some hidden moves.

Gina DayGina Day Say hello to Gina Day! This experienced audit hire comes to Delap from U of O, claiming that she is a, “major Duck fan!” (Exclamation point emphasized here.) Born and raised in Portland, Gina’s favorite thing about Delap is the people. Additionally, her favorite color is not just pink but HOT pink. When asked whether she’d rather sing “I Wanna Know” or “Kiss from a Rose,” Gina says, “Neither. I would sing ‘Friends in Low Places’.” Apparently she’s a country fan. So far, her favorite Delaper is our own Jill Tichenor – a lively and fun part of the audit team here at Delap.




Welcome to Delap, “Rookies”!