Jeanne McMains is the Senior Vice President of Complex Gift Solutions at the National Christian Foundation. She is also a speaker, author, and coach at Foreground Solutions and is on the Board of Directors for MOPS International.

She joins Jared Siegel today to discuss wealth, generosity, and the planning opportunities that are uniquely available to us in 2020.

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Here are a few highlights from Jared's conversation with Jeanne McMains:

  • A donor-advised fund allows donors to grow contributions typically tax-free and give grants to their favorite charities at their convenience. Jeanne calls it a give-grow-grant.
  • When making estate plans, Jeanne urges families to keep in mind that inheritance is the soil from which their next generation can grow.
  • Jared says that those new to generosity often begin by gifting cash, but doing so can be limiting. Give the apple tree instead of the apple; this will be more beneficial in the long run.
  • Market disruptions are fantastic opportunities to capitalize on advantages that aren’t usually present.